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In Aotearoa there are more couple-without-children families than other family types, and the number of child-free adults is growing. As editors and writers, we want to give voice to these people and more: to those who are motherhood-adjacent, those who’ve chosen to remain child-free, those who didn’t get to choose, and those who through bereavement or blended family dynamics ask themselves – am I a mother or am I other?


OTHERHOOD will explore a common experience that still feels taboo, in a collection of personal essays that tell the stories of people without children, edited by Alie Benge, Lil O’Brien and Kathryn van Beek.


OTHERHOOD will be published in May 2024 – so keep an eye out for our book launches planned for Ōtepoti/Dunedin, Pōneke/Wellington, and Tāmaki Makaurau/Auckland.

We're thrilled to be working with Massey University Press to bring OTHERHOOD to life. Massey University Press is an award-winning independent publisher renowned for its high-quality, beautifully produced books. We also couldn't have made OTHERHOOD happen without the more than 200 donors who contributed to our Boosted crowdfunding campaign.


Who's in the book?

Inside the covers of OTHERHOOD you'll find 35 incredible essays – and one comic – written by some of Aotearoa’s most exciting writers. We’re also stoked to publish a number of new and upcoming writers.

These hilarious, heartbreaking and thought-provoking essays cover topics including religion, blended families, bereavement, Te Ao Māori, queerness, the foster care system, disability, infertility, domestic violence, abortion, freedom from social expectations  – and of course, the joys of being a big DINK (Double Income No Kids).


Our contributors
  • Alie Benge

  • Amie Taua

  • Andi C. Buchanan

  • Anna Borrie

  • Carolijn Guytonbeck

  • Donelle McKinley

  • Feby Idrus

  • Gabrielle Amodeo

  • Ghazaleh Golbakhsh

  • Golriz Ghahraman

  • Grainne Patterson

  • Hazel Philips

  • Helen Rickerby

  • Henrietta Bollinger

  • Hinemoana Baker

  • Iona Winter

  • Jackie Clarke

  • Janie Smith

  • Jazial Crossley

  • Kathryn van Beek

  • Kate Camp

  • Kerry Sunderland

  • Lil O'Brien

  • Lily Duval

  • Linda Collins

  • Linda Rooney

  • Lori Leigh

  • Lucy O'Connor

  • Melanie Newfield

  • Michaela Tempany

  • Nicola Brown

  • Paula Morris

  • Raina Ng

  • Sam Orchard

  • Shaneel Lal

  • Steff Green


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